Speech and Language Materials for SLPs

I love LOVE love TPT (TeachersPayTeachers). There are so many speech-language therapy materials made by some very creative people, as well as general and special education classroom materials made by some very creative people. I think what I like most about this store is the products are generally made by people who are actually out there in the speech-language pathology field doing actual speech-language therapy, as opposed to a large corporation who has dozens or hundreds of people working for them that may or not be ran by actual therapists or teachers. If anyone is interested in starting their own store on TPT, I highly recommend it. If you’re not interested in that aspect and have not yet created a customer account, try it! There are a lot of free products; the products that I’ve bought from other stores within TPT are not, in my opinion, pricey at all. So, below is a link to my own personal TPT store, with pictures and links to the products that I currently have featured in my store. Browse around and check out the other TPT stores!!

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My TPT Store



My TPT Products

Real Life Photo Cards - L and L Blends for Articulation and Language

Real Life Photo Cards - S and S Blends for Articulation and Language

Real Life Photo Cards - R and R Blends for Articulation and Language