No School = No Speech Therapy

Good morning, everyone. Speech-language pathologist/momma. You may be reading this because your child is off from school due to a school break, weather, or sickness. The current reason many schools are closed right now is due to sickness. So .... wow. Just wow. COVID-19 (coronavirus) is wreaking havoc on us (USA) right now. Schools are… Continue reading No School = No Speech Therapy

Waiting to See if They “Grow Out Of It”

Good afternoon, everyone. Speech-language pathologist/momma here. I talk to several parents along the way, inside and outside of my therapy room, that talk about their child's "speech problems" or how they are "finally starting to make some sounds and words" and how their pediatrician says they'll "grow out of it." Or there are some children… Continue reading Waiting to See if They “Grow Out Of It”